Welcome to Ludshott Computing Services, a provider of bespoke computer software including small business websites run by Mark Simmons.

Originally an Analytical Chemist, Mark worked for Water, Pharmaceutical and Oil companies before migrating into the IT industry via a BSc in Computer Science Degree at London University.

Mark has worked for over 20 years as a software developer in the fields of science and engineering using his chemistry and laboratory experience in both industry and academia.

As of 2014 Mark primarily focuses on his other business as a director of SMS Analytical Ltd. This represents a journey around a career involving chemistry that has come ‘full-circle’. Run jointly with Dr Marshman, SMS provides chemistry consultancy and laboratory services to industries such as Insurance, Shipping and Aviation as well as to the legal profession (Loss Adjusters, Lawyers). For more information please visit the site for SMS Analytical, which was created by Mark. As well as daily chemistry investigations Mark also develops the company’s bespoke systems software and the company’s IT infrastructure which is extremely diverse because of the dependency on older analytical equipment with ageing proprietary software. Many of the companies Linux virtual machines are also hosted on HP hardware running ESX.


Mark is a member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and has recently been accepted as a member of the Royal Society Of Chemistry (MRCS).