GDPR Contact Permission

The data protection law has changed

You should be now have heard about the recent introduction of GDPR in EU member states. Its essentially a more stringent upgrade to the Data Protection Act 1998 that should help to prevent unwanted marketing and junk.

Lawful basis for processing

In accordance with GDPR’s Contract as the¬†lawful basis for processing, we may use our implied contact with you to conduct normal business transactions with you after you have approached us for our services. These may include the provision of quotes, asking for clarification on technical requirements, delivery of reports and for invoicing. Communication may be electronically (email, messenger, conference calls, white-boarding) via post or by face to face as appropriate.

Permission Request

To help us improve our service to you and as part of of our quality objectives we may also wish to obtain consent to ask you about this in the form of short surveys. Such surveys are only requested 1 or twice a year and comprise no more than 6 simple questions. We may also use this permision to inform you of new services from time to time.

In order for us to be able conduct these surveys we are required to explicitly obtain your consent. Your data will be held on our secure private system and shall not be shared with anyone outside SMS Analytical Ltd.

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